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A beautiful baby shower!

A friend of mine ( who i have known for many years now) surprised me a few months back with a txt message stating that SHE WAS PREGNANT! As you can imagine i was full of excitement and even more so to find out that not only was she pregnant but that she was 6 months along!

As we all know our own lives can become so busy and hectic and for one reason after the next we kept on missing out on catching up. She was waiting to tell me in person but eventually had to tell me over message - and luckily manage to catch up the week after!

Soon after began preparation for her baby shower and recently i was able to be part of celebrating the 'soon to be' arrival of her baby girl!

What a brilliant day it was and an absolute credit to the mama to be. There were so many friends there and the day was full of laughter from the start. Excited now for the arrival of her baby girl - and now the questions will start over potential names!

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