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Who am I? 

I am one of the thousands of people in the world obsessed with photography. My camera is nearly always with me, and when it isn’t, my trusty iPhone works pretty well!

Besides being a photographer, I am also a qualified nutritional therapist. This is a huge part of my life; healthy living and how the body works in connection to what we put into it is something that has  always fascinated me and being part of someone’s journey to a healthier, happy version of themselves is one of my passions. I love travelling, seeing friends & family and treasure all the little details of life.


I have spent roughly the last 10+ years working with people, families and children; in teaching roles, nannying, working and volunteering abroad and in various professional environments.


This has taught me a lot about working with people …. I love understanding what makes everyone tick; which is a very useful skill and has translated into my photography.   


Photography for me is much more than a hobby, and it is much more than just taking professional photos.


My style and approach is all about ‘what is natural’ and is about being open to what the moment offers up to me rather than looking for a particular shot.


I photograph what I see, whether it's the essence of an individual, the dynamics of a relationship, or capturing a moment.

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