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Guildford park fun

What a beautiful little girl baby Jessica is! I had so much fun photographing her and her mum and we laughed about how baby Jessica seemed to cry when people with blonde hair hold her. Having blonde hair myself... we didn't let that stop me having a cheeky cuddle! a few little grumbles but I like to think she took a liking to me ( even if i was distracting her with bells at the same time!)

We started off taking a few shots in there beautiful home and then took a walk to one of the parks in Guildford and surrounded with autumnal leaves, colours and the fresh crisp air - we laughed and took some beautiful photographs.

Photographs all take on different purposes in life and while 'staged' photographs come to serve their purpose. In my opinion... you cant beat a natural setting... that laugh, smile, facial expression and slit second moment that goes unnoticed by most; comes into its own and shows a moment that speaks louder than words ever could.

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